Cereal Box sun catcher hearts ♡


One morning I was inspired while going through my “do not throw out” recycling bag of stuff. I had multiple cereal boxes and this little idea popped into my head. They turned out beautifully and I am so happy to share the step by step with you today!

Supply List

1.Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, any lightweight bendable cardboard- We specifically used cereal boxes.

2. Scissors

3. Glue- We used Mod Podge.

4. Paint- We used kids washable tempera paint.

5. Hole punch, awl, anything that can poke a hole through the cardboard for hanging- We used an awl.

6. Tissue paper. I hoard these after gift opening lol.

7. Ribbon, string, or yarn for hanging- We used both ribbon and yarn.

Here we go! Weeee!

1. I began by opening up the cereal box so that it is flat and then cut the box to the size that I wanted.

I took a marker to draw a heart onto the box and poked my scissors through the middle to cut it out. I was out of xacto blades so you can use an xacto as well.

Do this with a second box for the back. Facing the printed sides together, trace the heart you just cut out onto the second box so that they line up, cut that baby out as well!

2. Begin painting the cardboard sides of the cereal boxes. We did 2 coats of kids washable tempera paint. Here is my little painter at work.

3. This is what it looks like all painted and dry. It looks so pretty as is! But wait…there’s more!

4. Don’t forget about the twin for the back! While one was drying, we painted the other.

5. Mod Podge those honeys! To prevent fading from the sun we gave the painted card board a few layers 2-3.

6. Pick out some tissue paper and cut to size. Can you see where this is going now?!

7. Glue the tissue paper to one heart and slather on more glue to the heart twin. Sandwich together and lay under a heavy book to prevent curling.

8. Yarn and ribbon for these cuties!

9. Poke some holes for hanging.

Voila! All done. Mother daughter crafting from our home to yours!


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