Sticky Mosaics


This is a wonderful crafting gift my 6 year old enjoyed. She was so engaged in the project and completed the whole image in one sitting. It isn’t something I would normally gravitate to design wise, so I am happy she received it as a gift.

This kit came with 4 boards that look like this:


Each square has a number printed on it. The numbers have corresponding colors that must be identified and then placed. They are foam stickers and look like this:


There is so much learning happening in this craft! Fine motor skills, number identification, color identification, patience. I absolutely love it.

Here is my daughter’s finished piece:


Also included in the box were ways to display the finished mosaic which is so mindful of the company. There is a stand or of you prefer a plastic stick-on eyelet for hanging:


The fact that she really loved it makes it worth getting again AND purchasing as a gift for others. I hope you enjoyed the review!


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