Reuse your Easter egg dye, dye some fabric!


I always feel bad dumping Easter egg dye down the drain, so every year I reuse it as a fabric dye, for small items such as muslin scraps, linen or cotton napkins etc. This year we had some cotton fabric squares 16×16 flour sack towels, a small tote bag and a few muslin scraps. You can do this several ways:

1. For a more pale, even color such as our pale pink tote bag, you will want to put your dye into a large bowl and add hot water then submerge your fabric.

2. For a spotty look, such as the green towel we 1. placed our fabric into a dry bowl, 2. then poured green egg dye over portions of the dry fabric 3. then we took our yellow dye and added it all over (we had a lot of yellow left). We swished it around a little bit. Gave it a squeeze and then pulled it out
to hang dry.

3. For our Blue towel we did step two. Add blue and purple to portions of our dry towel and then added a little hot water to soften the splotches and dilute. Swish it around, give it a squeeze, then hang to dry.

To heat set your colors iron with NO STEAM 3-5 minutes on each side.
Ta dah!
All done.

Now I will have to sketch some designs to embroider these little colorful bits so that we can make little things out of them. Yay!


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