#3 Easy Halloween craft Paper plate tissue paper ghost

Alright folks, here we are with #3 of our Easy Halloween craft for kids! Paper plate tissue paper ghosts. I mean is there anything a paper plate can’t do? It is a dream object for crafting that can turn into anything your little heart desires. But let’s take it easy and not go crazy with imagination, because today our paper plate will turn into a ghost head. Let’s get to it Halloween is near!

Tools For the Trade:

1. Paper plate- white preferred but you can basically use any round object, cardstock, yogurt lid, cut out a circle from a cracker box, upcycle an old CD whatever you may have on hand

2. Xacto knife or scissors

3. Glue stick

4. Tissue Paper- we used one sheet

5. Colored paper scraps for the face- we used black


Cut out the center of your paper plate. As you can see, ours is not white but the back of the plate is, so that’s fine. Save (hoard) the external part for a future craft.


Slather glue all over the front of your circle and smooth the top part of your tissue paper sheet around it. Secure the corners with glue on the backside as well.


Cut out some spooky shapes for your ghost face and chop off some of the bottom to make it look ghost like. We taped string to the back and hung it on our window. Isn’t it just adorable? Perfect for the little ones. Happy Crafting!

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