Make a Bug Playground!


We moved to Chicago from Los AngelesĀ 2 years ago. I am originally from Chicago, but had been away for years and had forgotten all about playing with bugs as a child during summers! In Los Angeles we didn’t have Fireflies or Pill bugs to catch, so our first summer here was quite a thrill. Last year the neighbors and Penelope all made bug playgrounds out of recycled materials and filled them with rocks, sticks, grass and a bits of berries. This year, Penelope made a Bug playground at Forest Camp and we have been using it to catch bugs all summer. It is so fun to watch the girls look closely and explore how bugs interact in their space, and then carefully put them back into their natural environment.

Tools for the trade:

1. Any recycled box- we used a plastic pastry container that contained bread rolls and a plastic mushroom box

2. Pick some grass, twigs, leaves and rocks.

3. Pipe cleaners, bottle caps.

The how to:

Have the kids design their playground however they wish. It is so fun and interesting to hear why an object is in a specific place. They were so thoughtful in putting them together.

Go on a bug hunt and enjoy!


Can you see the Pill bug climbing up the ramp in the photo above? There are also Pill bugs nestled in the grass in the lower playground. So much fun!

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Plant in a non planter!


As part of our garden posts, I am sharing “Put a Plant in a Vintage Tea Cup!” (Or any other lovely container that is not a pot.) Oh the beauty of it! I found a lovely vintage footed teacup at a thrift store, and I suppose I would normally display it and use it with other vintage wares, but I had a mini Kalanchoe plant that was outgrowing it’s tiny pot and they just looked so good together.

Because the Kalanchoe needs good drainage and the teacup has no drainage holes, they are not exactly a match made in gardening heaven, so I treated the cup as I did our “Mini Fairy Garden Terrarium” you can find that post here.

Tools For the Trade:

1. Vintage tea cup or other container of choice

2. Rocks- to help drainage

3. Dirt

4. Plant- succulents are great for these tiny containers.

5. Activated charcoal to prevent molding at the bottom.

Note: As usual, use what you have, if you do not have charcoal or rocks that’s fine. Just let you plant dry well between waterings. Sand may be used in a layer with the dirt as well for succulants. Or just put an air plant in it!

The How To:

1. Begin by washing your teacup in hot soapy water and let dry.

2. Once your container is dry, add a scoop of activated charcoal to the bottom.


3. Top with a layer of rocks


4. If transplanting, put a light layer of soil over the rocks to your desired height, add your plant surrounding it with more soil. I used a small spoon to scoop soil around the plant.


Why hello there Kalanchoe! Look at you all dolled up in your fancy little tea cup!

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