Valentine’s day crafting begins!



First we made garlands! Garlands of any kind just add so much joy to any blank space they are hung at don’t they?

Here’s what we used:

1. Heart Punch- you can just cut out your own heart if you don’t have one.

2. Hole punch- use a nail, pencil tip, awl if you don’t have one

3. Twine- any string on hand you have will do.

4. Yarn needle this is helpful if your little one is threading my daughter is 6 and twine frays easily so it makes things easier for small hands

Let’s begin!

1. Punch or cut your hearts out. My daughter loves this!
2. Mark two holes at the top of your heart and use your hole punch (nail, awl etc.)
3. Thread your yarn needle (or wrap a piece of tape to the tip of your string to prevent fraying) let your child string the hearts on.
4. Hang and enjoy!


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