Color and shrink woo hoo!

We were at Michaels the other day and my daughter spotted a small set of Valentine’s Day color and shrink sheets. Now when I was a girl I always wanted Shrinky Dinks. Oh how I remember those Saturday morning commercials calling my name! So, when my daughter asked if we could buy them, I joyfully and over excitedly said ABSOLUTELY! The 7 year old in me was over the moon. I may or may not have been jumping up and down as I answered. Here is our step by step with pics!


Here is the little kit from Michaels! *The ball chain it came with is not included in the photo.


Ready with my tools!….After you color the image you have to cut it out and punch a hole in it for stringing.


Isn’t it so wonderfully magical to put these in the oven and watch them transform? It was so fun staring through the oven window with my daughter.


The kit came with some ball chains.  Instead, I got some lovely bamboo chord and beeswax to run it through to make a lovely necklace.


Voila! Isn’t it lovely?


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