A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


When you suffer from a life changing physical event such as I have, it is important to have what I call “post its for life” little reminders of motivation to help you stay focused on the positive things in your life. This small dish, was a reminder to myself that despite my physical limitations, I can still create. I received it over the summer for my birthday, my daughter took it over as her own and the other day I saw it and thought “my how lovely this dish is, especially with all of her little treasures organized just so!” It was so inspiring.

I have been disabled for 3 years now and have improved a bit this past year which brought on hope for the future. I remembered a lovely art school and applied for a scholarship to take a class there last year and I GOT IT! The class was unfortunately cancelled twice due to low enrollment which was quite discouraging. I applied again for this term and today was my first day of class! I will be creating for 5 weeks in a medium that I am not at all familiar with and I am so looking forward to it! Where will this road take me? I do not have an answer, but I took that first step and remained hopeful even with the bumps in the road.

“Do more of what makes you happy” what wonderful words to live by.


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