Easy peasy St. Patrick’s Day garland.

Hello there world! How sad it is to take down Valentine’s Day crafts. Hearts are just so inspirational and lovely to see around the house. I LOVE our cereal box sun catchers so much that we will be doing a similar project for every holiday to come! For now, I will start with some easy peasy garlands to get things started. Garlands transform a room they are simple and give you a little pip of color and cheer. Just like our Valentine’s day instructions in the Valentine post but more green lol!.


1. Foam or paper punched shamrocks or cut out your own- We did both, I bought a pack and also traced and cut some shamrocks out of scrapbooking paper using a shamrock cookie cutter as my stencil.

2. Pencil for marking holes. My 6 year old likes punching the holes out for stringing so I mark the holes it helps her know where to place the hole punch.

3. Hole punch

4. Twine or any stringing thread you prefer.


Line them up on a table in the order you prefer, we used different shades of color and my daughter made a pattern (woo hoo math skills!), once the holes are all punched you are ready to thread!

We had punched out gold coins for another craft using a 1.5 inch punch However, my daughter wanted to glue a gold coin to every other shamrock, so we did and it looked great!

These are the punched out coins we made.

I recommend putting a heavy book over the gold coin glued on to shamrock pieces if you decide to do the same, as our coins began to curl up immediately after applying glue to them.

Once the glued on coins were flattened and dry she threaded the shamrocks with twine using a plastic yarn needle. You can tape the end of your twine to prevent fraying and frustration when little ones are doing the work.

Hang them up and enjoy!



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