Gold coin paper garland craft!

Hello! How have you been enjoying the end of winter? We are getting closer to Spring and the weather in the Midwest has been warmer this week, which has been WONDERFUL! It may not stick, but I’ll enjoy it while it’s here. Now onward to our next crafting adventure! Gold coin garlands woo hoo!

Here’s what you will need:

Paper punch or scissors
Gold, glitter or yellow paper
Paperclips or a heavy book
Glue- We used Mod Podge and Elmers

We began by punching out circles with our 1.5 inch punch. We used a sheet of gold glitter scrapbooking paper. You can stack yellow construction paper and cut out a circle. Or glue gold glitter onto white cardstock etc. I am a big believer of “use what you have”.


Then proceed by grabbing your gold coins by the handfuls with your kiddos and throwing them into the air while exclaiming “we’re rich!” Laughs and giggles are very important here! Especially because now it has to all be picked up to continue lol. Wasn’t that fun?
So this part is a take it or leave it part. I did not want to punch holes into my coins nor did I want to sew them together because I did not want to see a seam in my shiny gold beauty so I pulled out some crochet thread, lined up my coins with about 3 inches in between each one and glued 2 coins together onto the thread. To prevent curling I grabbed paperclips to help keep them together. My daughter ran around the house waving them around this way and they held well! You can also lay a heavy book on them until they dry.


Remove paperclips. We let ours dry overnight as we made these before dinner.


Hang and enjoy! They compliment our shamrock garlands nicely don’t you think?



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