Card Making for Gift Giving


Hello there! We hand made cards with some items attached, to give as gifts. I thought they were lovely and wanted share them with you all. So, here we go with Card Making! Also known as, Pretty Up Some Paper! Because that is basically all you are doing, just adding things to a sheet of paper. How easy is that you ask? Very!

The gifts are pictured in the photo above 1. A mini pin of cats hugging (Too cute!) You may purchase here from Etsy and 2. Some handmade seeded paper we made for planting. (Yay for gardening!) In this post we will cover the “Cats on a Card”. Ha! I love that title.

The beckoning, good fortune cat image, is actually a stack of sticky notes I purchased in Little Tokyo when we lived in Los Angeles. I mean come on! Why use a plain yellow Post It when you could leave notes on a Fortune Kitty!

I began by gluing down 1 sheet of the sticky note onto a piece of Lavender Cardstock and smoothing the wrinkles out with a bone folder. If you do not have a bone folder you may use a blunt knife or the edge of a credit card.


Once my cat was dry, I needed to adhere our gift, the lovely pin! I poked 2 holes into my card stock with an awl and threaded some embroidery floss through the holes to tie onto the pinback.


Once the pin was tied, we began to play with little bits of Washi tape and paper scraps until we decided on these gold leftover bits from our St. Patrick’s Day Gold Coin Paper Garland craft, and a strip of Washi Tape along the bottom. Penelope wanted it to look like the cat was jumping in nature, and in the final image it does.


Pictured below are both cards, all dolled up with our little gifts! Doesn’t it make receiving a pin all the more special when on a handmade card? It’s a frame worthy little piece of art to hang on the wall now. And most importantly it was made with love, and giggles and oh so much fun!


I hope this post inspires you to go through your magazines, catalogs, paper bits and just play with images and scraps that please you. Paper, string, tape, glue! Hooray! The possibilities are endless!

All images are copyright protected.


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