St. Patrick’s Day cardboard sun catcher craft

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Are you feeling lucky? I am not feeling lucky at the moment. My daughter is sick with a high fever and cough, I received a lice notice from school via email today so I decided to check her head thinking THERE IS NO WAY SHE HAS LICE. I put her hair in braids every day and spray it down with a rosemary mint water spray so I was feeling very confident that we were safe. And then it happened….I found a nit and I almost had a heart attack. No I am definitely not feeling lucky today lol. I have laundry washing now, the stuffed animals and hats are bagged and in the deep freezer, I combed her hair with the terminator nit comb I am getting my hair checked as I type this so I think we are going to be ok. Onward to today’s craft and a better tomorrow lol!

I have really gotten into my cereal box sun catchers. This time I used a smaller bread stick box. Here are the tools for the trade:

1. Cardboard or card stock
2. Stencil, printed picture, or you can freehand a drawing.
3. Glue
4. Tissue paper
5. Sharp object for hole poking
6. Ribbon
7. Paint and paintbrush


1. I began by cutting the front and back of the breadstick box out and discarding the sides.

2. My daughter used a cookie cutter to trace the shamrock onto the breadstick box. I cut the image out using an xacto knife. I used the cut out shamrocks for a small door hanging.

3. Then it was time to paint


We just used tempera paint. Let dry thoroughly. I then applied Mod Podge over the painted areas, you can seal it with white glue or not at all.

4. Pick out colorful tissue paper and sandwich in between both layers of cardboard with glue.


5. Let dry and place under a heavy book to flatten curls.

6. Poke holes for hanging and add a pretty ribbon.


And there you have it, a pretty little shamrock hanging in your sunny window. I hope you enjoyed this how to, I certainly enjoyed sharing it with you.



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