Spring Paper banners!


Hello everyone and happy spring! We have had a few warm days this week and I am so excited! Flowers are peeking, buds are blooming, watching the natural world transforming is such a lovely symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts. We made these banners to replace the Shamrocks we had up and they are just so delicate and lovely.

I was so excited when Michaels put these banners out. They are by “Recollections” and called “Sofia banners”. When they went on sale for 40% off I got all 3 colors and took them home. I have colorful card stock, so I decided to layer colors together and make a banner of my own creation. You can do this with any cut out paper, just place a contrasting color behind it and wow! It can really compliment the look. I loved playing with different colors and we ultimately decided on 3 and made a pattern to hang.

1. Card stock
2. Glue stick
3.Hole punch
4. String for hanging
5. Cut out paper, lace paper doilies, your own fold and cut creations.
6. Xacto, straight edged ruler for cutting and a self healing mat or just plain scissors.

Here is our how to:


1. In the bottom left photo you can see how I am layering the blue Sofia triangle over the lavender card stock. I used the lace banner triangle as my template, took a metal straight edge and an xacto knife and cut out a piece of card stock to size on a self healing mat.

2. The middle photograph shows the pieces all cut out. Take your glue stick (mine is non yellowing and acid free) and glue your pieces together

3. Line them up once dry, in a pattern of your choice or simply use a single color.

4. Punch your holes, thread them together and string them up!

I hope you enjoyed this craft. Have a lovely Easter!

Here is a close up so you can see the pretty patterns!

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