Simple Paper Garlands


Hello world! What a wonderful day to craft. This is a wall my daughter and I put together 2 years ago when she was 4 years old. I will be making 3 posts. One on the garland, one for the ribbon cloud and one for our fish. Today I will begin with the hanging garland.

Let’s get this party started!

As always, I am all about using what you have around the house. Growing up money was tight. My mother was the Macgyver of crafting, we used every scrap of fabric, string, cardboard, paper to make the loveliest things at home.

Tools for the trade:
1. Paper- I used colorful text paper from The Paper Source. You can use newspaper, magazine pages, construction paper, cardstock etc.

2. Paper punches- I used a circle punch and a mini heart punch. You can simply cut shapes out with scissors if you do not have punches. Use a soup can, yogurt lid etc. to trace a circle onto paper and cut out with scissors.

3. Glue stick– to glue the tiny hearts to to the circles.

4. String- We used yarn because that’s  what we had. You can use twine, string, cord, dental floss, thread. Anything to string up those cute circles.

5. Tape- We used simple Scotch tape to tape the string onto the backs. You can use any tape or punch holes for stringing.

The how to:


1. Begin by punching out or cutting your shapes.

2. Once everything is cut out, organize the circles in a straight line and add your hearts creating the pattern of your choice. It took us a while to come up with one we liked. I love just playing with the order. Isn’t color so inspiring?


3. Take your glue stick and glue your little hearts onto the center of your circles. You can use any shape in place of a heart. Stars, triangles, diamonds. The possibilities are endless!

4. Once all of the hearts are glued on, turn all of the circles over and place your string on top of them all lengthwise. Then tape each circle down as in the photo above. We used Scotch tape and our garlands have been up for two whole years with no issue. You can get fancy and do it another way.

So there you go! A rainbow of love for your walls. So cute.

All images are copyright protected.


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