Ribbon and Paper Clouds

Hello everyone! I hope you all found lovely ways to celebrate Earth Day yesterday. Today I am doing part two of our little wall series. This craft was originally from this mom blogger: http://www.meetthedubiens.com/2013/03/a-happy-cloud-and-rainbow-craft.html

I came across her website while searching for bento box ideas and found some lovely crafts to boot! I made a few minor changes to make it fit my personal style.

This craft is also very sentimental to me, as tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my mother’s death. I was preparing this craft while she was in her final weeks. A music therapist from our hospice came to play music and sing at her bedside. As my daughter and I put this cloud together in the other room, we could hear “Somewhere over the rainbow” in the most beautiful, soothing voice. That song was a favorite of my mother’s, we would sing it together, she would sing it to me while I was sick, or having trouble sleeping. These little clouds on our wall are a memory of that day and of all the days she loved me so. I hope you enjoy it.

Let’s get started

Tools for the trade:

1. White paper- We used cardstock. If you do not have cardstock, you can use printer paper, old mail, the blank side of a letter, felt, cardboard painted white etc.

2. Circle punch- You can trace circles onto paper with a can and cut out with scissors.

3. Bits of colored paper- Little scraps to make the face.

4. Scissors

5. Glue stick and white glue

6. Colored Ribbon- If you do not have ribbon use thin strips of paper, left over party streamers, strips of thin fabric scraps etc.


The how to:

1. Begin by punching out your circles, we used a 2.5 inch punch and made 9 circles.


2. Use your glue stick to adhere the pieces together, arranging them to look like a fluffy cloud.

3. Cut out 2 little eyes and a mouth using your paper scraps and glue them onto your cloud with your glue stick.


4. Turn the cloud over and get all of your ribbon laid out.This is where we used our white glue, slather a generous amount onto the back of your cloud and adhere your ribbon, trim ends.

5. Let dry completely

6. We made 2 versions of these. This craft is so fun to wave around in the air, that I added a colored popsicle stick for holding. During a play date with 3 girls it was so neat to see all of these flying in the winds of spring as they ran outside. They also double as masks this way.

Just glue on a popsicle stick for holding!

7. The original we have hanging up on our wall.


I hope you enjoyed this craft. Be sure to check out the Meet the Dubiens blog for the original post linked above and her many other wonderful crafts.

All images are copyright protected.


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