Paper fish wall decor

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying spring! Her in Chicago, everything is budding and blooming. The colors of spring are just so inspiring, as is spring itself, reminding us of rebirth, regrowth and new beginnings. So beautiful.

This post is part 3 of our little wall decor. We started with the paper garlands then went on to our ribbon and paper cloud craft and now we have Miss Fish, what a cutie pie!

This is our original fish on the wall.

This craft was inspired by the book “Hooray for Fish” By Lucy Cousins . It would make a great Mother’s day gift, because it celebrates a child’s love for Mommy. On the cover is Mommy fish and little fish. We love Lucy Cousins here at home and have a number of her books. She is the author of “Maisy” series of books, which have all sorts of wonderful pulls and flaps and are just downright fun to read and explore. Our favorite is “Maisy’s Book of Things That Go” it has a surprise ending!


I’d like to begin be saying that when you are crafting and creating with your child, you are teaching valuable math and science skills. Glue drying, is a lesson of evaporation, liquid turning into solid. Placing the circles on the fish not only uses fine motor skills, you are teaching counting, how many dots do we have on the fish? Is the total an even or an odd number? The small dot is 1/2 the size of the big dot etc. Math and science is everywhere in our lives, why not make it fun!

The tools for the trade:

1. Pencil- To draw out your fish shape

2. Scissors

3. Glue- We used a glue stick and white glue

4. Colorful paper- We used Orange for the fish body, Yellow for the spots, scraps of white and black for the eyes.

5. Glitter



The How To:

1. First I freehand drew a fish onto our Orange sheet of paper. You….can……! A fish is just an oval and some curvy triangles, it is not fine art.

2. I cut a circle for the eyeball out of white paper and the used the black paper scrap to make the pupil of the eye. (Anatomy! Science opportunity: )
I also made little eyelashes with the black scraps.

3. I made the spots out of yellow paper all different sizes.

4. Before we glued everything down we took a moment to play with the paper bits. See photo above. That is me in my wheelchair shooting a basketball, or a cat, or a man with a mustache with pancakes. Just play!

5. Then we took our glue stick and my daughter put it all together.

We made the original 2 years ago this is one we made for the blog post

6. In the end she decided to squirt white  glue on to the fish and add glitter, to represent water, so feel free to do so if you wish. Glitter makes everything magical doesn’t it?

This is our original fish on the wall.


And that concludes the little wall series. I hope you enjoyed these crafts. I certainly enjoyed making them with my child and then sharing them with you!

All images are copyright protected.


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