Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day gift idea

Happy teacher appreciation week everyone! Our school suggested that the Children give their teachers a small gift each day. I have enjoyed watching Penelope come up with ideas and create things to give to her teachers.

Today is Wednesday, day 3 of the week and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to craft but I managed to put this vase together in about 5 minutes….literally. We had a different gift planned for today but had to put it off for tomorrow because we didn’t finish it in time. I didn’t know what to do for a gift today and then an idea just came to me while gazing at our blooms in the yard. I think it came out quite nicely and wanted to share. All of these ideas would also make lovely Mother’s Day gift ideas as well.

Day 3 gift idea: Fresh flowers from our garden, in a glass jar, decorated with ribbons, paper and stamping.

The inspiration for the craft

Tools for the trade:


Listed Clockwise:

1. Glass jar- We used 2 Ball canning jars. You may use any glass container. Upcycle, recycle, spaghetti sauce, jam, olive jars, there are so many shapes and sizes to play with!

2. Ribbon- We used 2 different types of ribbon. You can use ribbon, strips of fabric, or printed colorful paper such as wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, specialty paper etc.

3. Tacky glue- or a hot glue gun. I was out of glue sticks for my hot glue gun so I used Tacky glue and it worked just fine.

4. Scissors

5. Paper punches- We used 2 different sizes of circle punches. You can cut out shapes with scissors of you do not have punches.

6. Ink pad

7. Cute stamp


8. Paper- We used white and lavender card stock to match the flowers.


The How To:


1. Take your wide ribbon and wrap around jar, overlapping by 3/4 inch or so. Trim off spool. Use your hot glue gun or if using liquid glue like me, Overlap the ribbon ends and glue in place. Hold for a minute. Do the same with your thin strip of ribbon on top. I did not glue the ribbon to the jar but you may want to do that.

2. Punch your large and small circles out of your paper.

3. Stamp your image onto the paper and let dry.

4. Once your ink is dry glue the small circle onto the larger one. Slather glue onto the back of your large circle and place onto the front of your ribbon jar, hold for a minute.

5. Add your stems and some water. And voila! A lovely gift is born.

I will continue post our personal gift ideas and a recipe for Friday’s potluck that is super yum!

How have you been showing appreciation to your teachers? I would love to know!

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