Who Needs a Bun? The Bunless Burger Post


Who needs a bun? Not me! I originally started doing this in college (almost 20 years ago) when I was out of bread and all I had in the fridge was meat and lettuce. Inspired by Korean Barbecue  dinners and their lettuce wrapped steak goodness. I was ahead of the times then and I didn’t even know it lol!

The Bunless Beef, Lettuce, Avocado Burger with a bit of Red Onion

Tools for the trade:

1. Beef patties
2. Avocados
3. Lettuce
4. Red Onion

The How To:

1. I grill my fine Grass Fed Beef to medium.

2. Make 2 nice beds of crisp fresh lettuce for the bottom and top.

3. Mash up some avocado with a fork and slather on.

4. Add a bit of red onion and sandwich that baby up!

When you take a bite, it is crisp, fresh and Oh, So Good For You! Try it! Ditch the buns this Memorial Day weekend and have a bed of greens instead! And while you’re at it, make a tasty Quinoa recipe for the side, you can find it here. Enjoy!

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