Our Summer Reading List 6/04-6/18

School has been out for us since June 4th and I can not believe the year is over. I absolutely love Penelope’s Kindergarten teachers and I am so grateful we are able to have her in a school that we love. I was definitely mourning Penelope leaving their classroom and moving on to First grade. There is a lovely quote by Mister Rogers, that sums up the end of anything really, one of her teachers attached it to our final class newsletter and it couldn’t have been more appropriate. “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning  of something else” It is the uncertainty of the future that makes leaving our comfortable safe routines so difficult, isn’t it? My daughter loved school and did not want summer to come, but time stands still for no one and so here we are moving forward as we must, and we are filling our days with books! I will share what we have read thus far and my thoughts.

First is a sequential series of 6 books that is so wonderful and sweet. They were recommended to me by our librarian. I am always looking out for sweet early chapter books, which can be a challenge. Our teachers, librarians and friends agree that there is a need for gentle, innocent books  in the Early Chapter Reader department. This series was simply lovely.

Written By Hilary McKay

1. Lulu and the Duck in the Park
2. Lulu and the Dog from the Sea
3. Lulu and the Cat in the Bag
4. Lulu and the Rabbit Next Door
5. Lulu and the Hedgehog in the Rain
6. Lulu and the Hamster in the Night

Lulu is a little girl who loves animals. She has adventures with her cousin and best friend Mellie. You can click on each title for a link to Goodreads. You can also see the list and read more about Hilary McKay on her website here.

7. The Mouse and the Motorcycle By Beverly Cleary.

A classic. I loved this book as a child (as did Penelope) and reading it again as a parent was just as enjoyable.

8. Skippy Jon Jones
9. Skippy Jon Jones in Mummy Trouble
10. Skippy Jon Jones Class Action

Written By Judy Schachner

I have to admit I don’t like the “SkippyJon Jones” books very much. They have a huge following and many people love them, but it was a little confusing with an early reader. There is back and forth with English and Spanish, and a lot of word altering for the sake of silliness and rhyming. Penelope now works to read aloud and asks about words a lot while we read, so this book was a bit confusing with all of the word altering. It would have been better if she were younger and not trying to identify words that aren’t actual words. Or read aloud during school or library story time. I have other issues with the book, but in general they are not my cup if tea. We read all 3 listed above. The link to Goodreads is above as well, feel free to check the series out and make your own judgment.

11. We are currently reading “Runaway Ralph“, the sequel to “The Mouse and the Motorcycle”. It is not nearly as good, but Penelope is enjoying it so far.

We have a stack of 5 more books from the library, for after Runaway Ralph. I will post after we have gotten through a few. What is on your summer reading list? I would love to hear!

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