The Cutest Little Gardening Kit!

I decided that this year we would make an outdoor Fairy Garden. We ordered seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange and while buying a gift for another child’s birthday I spotted this cute little kit by a company called Garden in the Koop and it was a done deal. We poured way to many seeds into the soil but that’s ok. All of the seeds sprouted very quickly. It has been so fun to watch them grow. They are much bigger now and just about ready to go outside. I highly recommend the kit for gardening with children. They would make lovely gifts as well. I fell in love with the company after looking them up. They do have a variety of different kits so you can choose the one that suits you best.
Our Fairy kit included:
●Egg carton
●6 individual seed packs which Included:
Sweet Alyssum, Pink Baby’s Breath, Fairy Lettuce, Creeping Thyme, Viola and German Chamomile
● GardenCoir discs to use for soil
●12 wooden name tags
●And clear information on each plant and their growing needs.


We bought tomatos, peppers and cucumbers from the market already started and those are in the ground.

Our seedlings from Seed Savers Exchange are just about ready to transition outside as well. It always makes me nervous to put these babies out in the elements. I do hope they all thrive. Fingers crossed. We have a lot of work in the garden these next few days.



How is your garden growing? I hope it’s growing well and bringing you joy. Happy planting!

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