Simple Valentine Crafts for Kids

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year we made simple paper heart Valentine wall decor, Simple paper heart garlands, and Cereal box sun catcher hearts, for the windows. This year we strung some pom poms for an easy garland to decorate our mantle,

Pom poms ready for stringing

We twisted colorful pipe cleaners into heart shapes, adding perler beads to some.

Pipe cleaner hearts: twist 2 colors together and shape into a heart, or just shape a single color into a heart shape.
Add perler beads to pipe cleaners and twist ends, shape into a heart and you are done!

these pipecleaner hearts are wonderful to scatter around a buffet, bookcases and holiday table!

A little collection of our Valentine crafts; Pom garland, pipe cleaner hearts with beads, yarn wrapped heart from 2 years ago and felt and yarn heart from last year.

We also made a hanging banner out of felt, googly eyes, leftover poms, tacky glue and a dowel.

I love setting down supplies and just letting Penelope create. This heart is such a cutie!

Penelope stamped cards for her classroom exchange, we used glue dots to add a small gift onto the back.

Homemade Valentines

I enjoy creating and connecting with my child. She is 7 now and becoming more and more independent each day. I hope to be able to craft with her for many more years, so that by the time she is grown, I can unpack these handmade treasures and fill our home with the memories of making together.

All images are copyright protected.


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